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Drink with Enjoyment and Control


Limit how much you drink to feel better

If you struggle with excess drinking in any of the following ways…

  • Overconsumption of any beverage (alcohol, soda, energy drink, coffee, etc)
  • Using alcohol to de-stress, avoid what’s really going on, or tune out
  • Feeling out of control, can’t say no, or can’t stop after one glass or cup
  • Hating the way it feels to drink so much, yet still keep doing it
  • Wanting to cut back or quit, but can’t do it or can’t do it often
  • Concerned about having to give up your drinks or beverage to be in control
  • Believing your choice is all or nothing; that you can’t drink in moderation
  • Not sure you want to make a change, but know you really have to
  • Drinking alcohol earlier in the day
  • Drinking caffeinated drinks late in the day
  • Cravings and obsessions
  • Indulging in more drinks when drinking with others
  • Overeating after drinking, because not in control of choices
  • Having an unhealthy relationship with drinking or beverage of choice
  • Going through phases of drinking a lot and then not at all
  • Not drinking enough water
  • *Note: I cannot support those with severe drinking problems or who are alcoholics. I am not licensed for those issues. I can only help those who are drinking more than usual, without known addictions or alcoholism in their history.

Beverage Counseling & Moderate Drinking Coaching Support:

You really can be in control and feel confident with your drinking levels using my 3-step coaching process that helps you gain self-awareness, understand your subconscious behaviors, develop personalized strategies, and naturally gravitate to healthier amounts by choice.

Counseling works to resolve excess drinking choices and behavioral coaching provides the education, guidance and support you in making wiser decisions with alcohol, overcoming habitual patterns with soda and strategies for enjoying what you choose to drink in moderation.

Get the guidance and support you need to:

  • Identify what is driving you to drink too much on a regular basis
  • Overcome subconscious triggers and emotional choices
  • End cravings and obsessions for specific drinks and beverages
  • Create strategies to be in control of how much you are drinking
  • Identify when you are more susceptible to drinking too much
  • Find ways to enjoy other beverages that also feel satisfying
  • Experiment with healthier choices that work for you
  • Feel better about your decisions and yourself
  • Be in control of your decisions and know when you lose it
  • Get to know your own warning signs
  • Be able to drink your favorite beverages in moderation
  • No longer yo-yo between abstaining and over-indulging


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“I have been drinking at least six cans of Coca-Cola every day for more years than I can remember. I’ve sought help from many different experts, and nothing worked until I got help from Alice Greene. I really can’t believe it, but now I have maybe one can or even half a can a day, and I’m no longer needing it the way I did. Alice has a totally different approach that made me feel at ease, empowered and heard. She didn’t try to take my Cola away, which was so reassuring.

Instead she helped me discover why I was really drinking that much of it, and gave me the tools to build my confidence and control through greater awareness and little strategies I created for myself with her help. It was all about what worked for me. I wasn’t being forced to change; I was being given the power of conscious choice, and that changed everything. Now I’m free of that obsession. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!”
– Julianna Morrison

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