If you struggle to feel good in or about your body,
you know how much of a drain this is on your life.

The answer isn't a better diet or fitness program.
If that worked, you wouldn't still be struggling or yo-yoing.

Find out how the women who are finally successful did it.
Learn what really works to get a great body and keep it.
It doesn't have to be unpleasant or unrealistic.

No gimmicks, no pills, no crazy diets or fitness programs, nothing extreme. They aren’t the answer. Neither is doing what you hate or what drains you. This is about doing something that honors you and your needs.

If you are frustrated, sick and tired of feeling out of control
wishing you could make yourself be good,
or hating how you look and feel,
then I think you may be pleased when you read on.

If you are like so many of my female clients, you already know what you are supposed to do to get more fit and healthy. No doubt, you are just as sick and tired of beating yourself up for what you just can’t seem to do, as you are with how you look and feel.

Have you ever considered that there is a very good reason why you struggle to follow through on those lists and rules of shoulds and shouldn’ts?

Have you ever given yourself credit for not doing them?

Well, you do deserve credit because you resisted for good reason.

You don’t do them because they don’t work for you, don’t honor your needs and drain your energy. Your heart and soul has known this all along. But your mind is caught up in the shoulds and beating yourself up for being bad, not being good enough and failing to comply.

The real problem is not that you failed to do as you should or didn’t have enough willpower.

The real problem is that you haven’t found a better answer or solution that suits your personality and situation, inspires you, or addresses the real reason you struggle to stick with a program or a set of goals in the first place.

I’ve got an answer for you, and I believe
your heart and soul are going to be delighted.

Alice Greene

Hi, I’m Alice Greene.

I know what it is like to hate your body and feel sick, tired and in pain. Although you would never know it now to look at me.

I suffered for years with chronic fatigue, severe back pain, irritable bowel, chronic nausea and a high body fat that I was very ashamed of. I spent most of my adult life dieting instead of exercising, which worked pretty well to keep me looking fairly thin through my twenties and thirties.

But when I hit my forties, it no longer worked and I ballooned up five sizes in just over a year. I felt gross, and I was disgusted by the cellulite to my knees and jelly fat on my thighs.

It took a decision that enough was enough to break the cycle and finally put my health and wellbeing first. I did what I never thought was possible, especially since I hated and resisted exercise and was an avid dieter. I became a health, fitness and weight loss success story without following any of the shoulds or rules, and it changed my life and body completely.

I learned a wonderful way to be in control, eat healthier, and get active, which allowed me to make choices based on what felt good to me. In the process, I gained enormous self-confidence and self-esteem. I also became a highly sought after healthy lifestyle coach as I began to share what I learned and to guide others through the process of changing their mindset and their choices.

I have spent the last six years coaching hundreds of people, most of them women. The one thing I now know for sure is that being aware of how you feel is the key that unlocks the secret door to freedom, being in control, getting your needs met, staying motivated, and finally getting the body you’ve always wanted.

When you pay attention to what feels good
physically, emotionally and mentally,
you intuitively gravitate to doing more of what feels good
with ease and enthusiasm.

This is the key to motivation!

Just as important, it isn’t hard to learn.

I have put together in one place my expertise in how to use the key and unlock the secrets that is eye-opening and life-changing.

I’m pleased to make available the one thing you need to finally Feel Great in Your Body in this guidebook package that includes a print and audio guide along with journal pages.

Feel Great Guide

This guidebook package walks you through 18 very simple lifestyle changes you can make in how you think, feel and act in order to have the body you love.

The concepts, strategies and tips I give you are easy to follow, simple to implement, and they are proven to change the way you feel.

This is what I want now!

Here’s what clients of mine have to say about this lifestyle approach:

“This program is not like anything else I’ve heard of. When I got that this is not a diet, it was so freeing for me. I now have a healthier relationship with food and eating, and it is not so much about being good or bad. Instead it is about understanding myself and practicing what I learned. The insights and knowledge have been so great that I now recommend this to many of my clients.” Kathleen Laker

“I have learned so much about myself and discovered that it isn’t as hard as I thought to put myself first and that it feels really good to exercise and eat in a healthy balanced way. I am now fitter, have much less pain in my knee, and I’m no longer out of balance, craving carbs or feeling like there is no time.” Barbara Swartz

“It now feels like I have control over food instead of it having control over me. I learned a lot, even though it was about things I knew. I am now mindful of when I’m hungry and when I’m not, and it feels really good.” Claudette Naser

“My goals were to feel more confident, be at my best and feel good, and I can honestly say I feel really good now. I also wanted to feel empowered and not like a victim with food, and I accomplished that.” Carol Gamble

What these women learned and gained was an understanding of themselves, a way to be mindful of how they felt, the ability to be in control, a willingness to be a priority, and greater confidence. They also gained a healthy relationship with food, fitness and themselves to be at their best and to feel good.

It is all surprisingly simple once you start to see things differently and open your eyes to how you really feel. Your new awareness and your insights will guide you easily and effortlessly to make healthy, fit and motivating choices that honor your body, heart and mind.

From the guidebook package, you will get the inside secrets for how to:
How to:See yourself at your best and create a motivating vision.
How to:Increase your confidence and ability to reach your goals.
How to:Put yourself first without the guilt.
How to:Start and easily maintain any exercise program or activity.
How to:Achieve success every week.
How to:Make fitness and aerobic activity more pleasant and enjoyable.
How to:Easily get exercising again after being side tracked.
How to:Choose fitness activities that you will stick with.
How to:Find and keep your motivation to follow through.
How to:Restore and increase your metabolism.
How to:Gain control of portions, overeating and bingeing.
How to:Eat healthier foods with ease and satisfaction.
How to:Get through any holiday without over eating.
How to:Have greater and healthier balance.
How to:Regain your self-confidence and self-esteem.
How to:Look fabulous and feel confident in a bathing suit.

What you won’t get are rigid rules, gimmicks, a list of what you can or can’t do, or a guilt trip.

That’s what you’ve already had enough of and what doesn’t work, or you wouldn’t be struggling with your body and how you feel right now.

I hope you will do this for yourself. You deserve to love your body inside and out.

“What I like about this is that it’s practical, realistic and able to be integrated into my life that is already busy. I have more energy, and I’m doing more exercise, stepping up my abilities and becoming more efficient. I have also gained confidence in being able to sustain what I have been doing when I’m on my own.” Janet Bamberg

“It is an enjoyable, nurturing and realistic approach to eating and exercise that has given me more control. The real difference with this program is that it has given me what I need to make it a lifestyle change. It is not about dieting, but about finding a balance. I’m now more active doing what I enjoy and realize it is a long term process.” Marj Lynn

“What I learned has made a big difference in my eating habits, and I feel terrific. I now have more energy and confidence." Nancy Reynolds

“This has changed my beliefs, given me tools for overcoming emotional eating, and helped me feel much more under control. I no longer find myself interested in binging or eating lots of sweets. I’m thrilled. This way of eating has really clicked for me, and I am now losing weight while eating more than before.” Susan Hammond

"This program provided me with subtle, daily opportunities to tune into the what, when, why and how I eat. I am now able to identify my body’s hunger and satisfaction signals, and I’ve discovered that I can very easily stop before getting full. I have also become more conscious of which foods I enjoy and which ones I eat out of habit, and this has been an eye opener. The lessons I have learned will be with me always.” Lynn Deschenes

“This program has helped me to take better care of myself, and it has shown me that how I treat myself affects the way I eat and deal with my kids. I was ignoring my needs for the sake of the family. Now I see that wasn’t helping me or them, and with the help of Alice’s program I have increased my self-esteem, learned how to address my emotional eating and developed better habits of self-care that makes me feel good.” Hillary Hawkins

Okay Alice, this sounds like just what I am looking for and can use right now. What does it cost?

What you will learn in this guide and the results you will get from changing your perspective, attitude and choices is worth thousands of dollars in coaching, but you won’t have to pay anywhere near that.

Instead I want this to be affordable, so as many women as possible can have the gift of knowing how to have the body they love and feel great inside and out. Therefore, I’ve priced this at just $79 for immediate download and a bit more to cover my costs along with shipping if you want to get the book and CDs mailed to you.

But that is not all that I am giving you for this price. For a limited time, I am also including 3 additional bonus items. I don’t know how long I will offer these bonuses or this price, so don’t put it off.

Bonus Item #1
How to Conquer Exercise Resistance e-recording ($16.95 Value)

Bonus Item #2
5 Ways to Succeed at Maintaining Weight Loss e-book ($11.95 Value)

Feel Great Guide Bonuses

Bonus Item #3
A live call with me to answer your questions ($150.00 Value)
- date and details provided after purchase

The call will be recorded in case you can’t attend but want to hear how I addressed other women’s questions. Conference call instructions will be provided when you order your Feel Great in Your Body guidebook package. You will get more from this event, if you’ve had time to read or listen to the guidebook and have specific questions ahead of time.

My Personal Money Back Guarantee
Guarantee I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you decide I didn’t deliver the value I said I would or you aren’t happy with the insights, tips and strategies I offer to help you make changes in your mindset and in your life. Of course, I assume you will be open minded and willing to look at how you can apply these new principles into your lifestyle. Then if you don’t see any change in your relationship to food, fitness, your body or yourself, I will refund the return of your package (in good condition if I mailed it to you) and the bonus items are yours to keep. I’m that confident that you will get what you need to feel better about your body and what it
takes to feel at your best.

The time for investing in yourself and your wellbeing is NOW.
Do this for yourself Today!

Get Started

Here’s to feeling great in your body,

Alice Greene

AliceAlice Greene
America’s Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Fitness & weight loss success story (2001-2009)
Author: Inspired to Feel Good
Co-author: Wake Up Women: Be Happy, Healthy & Wealthy
Former co-host of Living Your Personal Best talk radio

P.S. Remember how you feel today and what you really want for yourself. Don’t miss out on the live call with me or on giving yourself the gift of feeling good about yourself. The price is no more than one session with a personal trainer, a facial or a good deal at a dress shop. Isn’t it worth investing just as much in your approach to how you take care of yourself?